Lean Manufacturing Courses

Aimed at the permanent maintenance of a flow of tense, adjusted and flexible production.

Our Lean Manufacturing courses will teach attendees how to eliminate waste and prepare annual plans of strategic productivity objectives for their companies.

The ITEMSA Lean Manufacturing courses will train your employees to ensure the creation and permanent maintenance of a flow of tense, adjusted and flexible production in your company’s workshops, tending to the "piece by piece":

  • Eliminating or significantly reducing wastage in labour, materials, machinery and inadequate work methods.
  • Creating and maintaining a clean, organised, safe work environment with greater operational efficiency (5S).
  • Optimising methods and work times, through the application of MTM and/or timing, in a cultural environment of continuous improvement..
  • Performing a total productive maintenance (TPM) of machinery and facilities.
  • Minimising machine preparation and model change times (SMED).

The Lean Manufacturing intervention area includes all the techniques of a Comprehensive Production System, which includes, among other aspects, product quality, work and information flows, materials, machinery and equipment, working methods and the labour force, the workshop chain of command and the constant improvement of the jobs, in order to achieve the best results for the objectives of quality, cost, flexibility and customer satisfaction established in the company.

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Concepts, principles and management essential indicators of Lean Manufacturing

How to establish a dashboard with key performance indicators to assess the impact of the actions adopted to correct the deviations in Quality, Cost, Deadline and Safety objectives. The key is to detect the MUDAS (wastes) in present processes and to persist in their elimination.

Duration: 24 Hours

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Necessity for change towards the Lean: the most appropriate planning and management techniques

How to implement the change towards the Lean Manufacturing system through the design of a plan of annual strategic objectives and how to achieve that everybody feels involved in its achievement (commitment and discipline) in their respective area of responsibility by using the KAIZEN techniques and continuously applying the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.

Duration: 30 Hours

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Workshops and offices improvement techniques

How to engage workers and workshops and offices middle management with the three basic pillars of Lean Manufacturing:
  • Standardization
  • Workers training for polyvalence
  • Application of the 5S and SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies)
Duration: 24 Hours
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Techniques for the optimization of the materials flow and internal stocks in the processes

How to use JIT (Just-In-Time) concepts and techniques to improve the materials flow and reduce stocks by standardizing the number of pieces in each container (Kanban – quantities by reference and type of container), Lay Out improvement techniques, WIP (Work In Process) definition and standardization, etc. Duration: 40 Hours
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Operations standardization and workers training for polyvalence

How to standardize operations and continuously ensure the objectives of Quality, Cost and Deadline, in a safe and ergonomic environment. This standardization is crucial, so that all workers acquire the same theoretical and practical knowledge with minimum differences. This knowledge is the basis for the worker’s development, according to a rigorous and gradually expandable training procedure, in order to enable him or her to perform several jobs with satisfactory quality, productivity and safety levels. Duration: 18 hours
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Problem solving and decision making techniques

How to exactly define a problem by using objective and truthful information, and then solve it through the search and elimination of its causes by applying the QCS (8D) procedure and the basic tools of quality. How to select the most appropriate activities to eliminate the cause for the problems, by using an appropriate decision making procedure. Duration: 12 Hours

For us, ITEMSA is more than a provider of training or technical advice on methods and times. For us it is a human team that provides us:  Innovation Technique  Excellence  Method  Solutions  Applicability in the pursuit of excellence in our processes. This company helps us to strengthen the talent of our partners and therefore achieve a work methodology that is much more productive and simple to handle.

Joan Capellades
HR Director Plant / Brose

Our experience with Grupo Itemsa dates back to 2001. We have worked with them within the scope of training and, more specifically, within the scope of time analysis. This way we have been able to carry out MTM courses and industrial timekeeping, both at the Itemsa facilities in Barcelona and at our site in Portugal.

Juan José Cambero Velasco
Methods engineer / Huf España S.A.

Our congratulations to ITEMSA for these 30 years contributing to the development and implementation of simpler and more efficient working methods. This company has allowed the integration of criteria for optimising quality, ergonomics and occupational health and safety.

Carlos Francisco De Osuna
Health & Safety Manager

In 2011, and by chance, we ended up finding ITEMSA.  And we were very lucky.

Since then, we have been able to benefit from a methodology and applications that have allowed us to substantially improve in all areas. We have been able to verify that they are highly qualified in a wide range of areas such as: processing of methods, advice, training, rigour, speed, involvement, trustworthiness, support, and so on.

Nowadays, when referring to ITEMSA, we no longer refer to the company as such, but we refer to the people who work there: like DAVID, ALBERT, JULIAN, RAFA, among many others.

And, surely, this closeness and personal attention is what makes the difference and makes them BIGGER.

Thank you

Ginés Adán
Department of Improvement and Methods / GESTAMP METALBAGES

Our need for collaboration with ITEMSA is based on the obligation to update the descriptions and assessments of jobs corresponding to the professional profiles of our staff.

We take a very positive view of ITEMSA’s performance as an external solvency advisor. In addition, it has also been fully recognised by the trade union representation as a valid interlocutor in the required terms of objectivity, an essential factor for the successful completion of the project.

José Manuel Salido
Financial & Administrative Manager / BIC Iberia – Manufacturing

“From ITEMSA’s collaboration with ONCE, it should be noted that, together with its team of professionals from the Central Prepared Unit of the Logistics Centre, there was full knowledge and involvement in all the preparation processes of the ONCE gaming products. This resulted in us being able to successfully implement an operational method that guaranteed stable quality production, with productivity control and incentives."

Daniel del Pozo Menor
Head of the Logistics Unit / ONCE

Collaboration with ITEMSA has always been very positive. Working with them is very easy because they quickly understand the needs of the client. They have a highly developed and pragmatic vision of process management, with which success is guaranteed.
They know what they have to do at all times and they carry it out effectively, without any kind of procrastination. Working with them is a competitive advantage due to the results achieved and, above all, for the knowledge and change of mentality that remains in the company.

Carlos Labajos
Plant Manager / Magneti Marelli-Automotive Lighting

"After a collaboration of more than 12 years and in three different companies, I can only say that the overall result has been exceptional. Always preceded by the achievement of results, they not only provide something different in the organisation, but they also contribute to improving training at all levels.

We have worked in all fields and tools both in the operative part (organisation, methods, improvements, 5S's, SMED, etc.) and in the training (middle management, leadership, lean tools, project management, etc.). And, in all cases, the result has always been the expected one.
We cannot forget the Soft Itemsa, the tool that has been an asset in our methods department. It has managed to add agility, precision and ease in the management of methods.

It is worth highlighting the high level of experience, skills and professionalism of the people who make up the organisation and with whom, in addition, I have had the good fortune to work hand in hand."

David Rodilla Coronado
Director of Operations BU1 / Meleghy Automotive Barcelona S.A.U.

"When some Lecta technicians came up with enthusiasm for the idea of ​​starting a SMED project at Lecta, I thought that going from theory to action would greatly lower expectations. The reality is that both the methodology and the way Itemsa interacts with the operators and technicians, makes the ideas flow and the results are tangible. So much so that we are already starting the fourth project with them and they are the reference for all the factories of the group".

Joan Guinart Puigvert
Operations Corporate Director / Lecta Group

From our relationship with ITEMSA, I would highlight their mastery of the subject, the experience they have, the firmness and peace of mind with which they defend the arguments before their different interlocutors. They also stand out for their proximity to the client, something that offers greater confidence and peace of mind in management.

Marc Carrera Domènech
Managing Partner of Oficina / SAGARDOY Abogados

“What started as a support analysis of one of our production lines ended up being a productivity improvement project and an organisational change.

The change has not been without difficulties but, thanks to the colleagues of Itemsa and their experience and professionalism, we have managed to take a step forward and become a more competitive site.

Itemsa has formed us and has accompanied us throughout the process to achieve success and we feel proud of the change. Thank you for making us see that change was possible and for giving us the confidence to believe in ourselves.”

Montserrat Compte
Engineering Manager / SMP automotive

I have been working with ITEMSA for more than 20 years. I have done so from different companies, both in terms of training and advice. It has been, is and will be a pleasure to continue maintaining the relationship in the future, as they have always been there when I needed their professional help. Excellent professional level of their whole team, always giving full confidence and success in their results.

Crisanto Ayala López
Head of the Methods and Times / Lean Department
Schnellecke Logistics España