Training Services

Courses tailored to the needs of the client (company/ student).

Aimed at the effective performance of the job function, including recycling and versatility.

Development of competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes and appropriate behaviours).

Itemsa's training services have the following characteristics:

  • Adjustment of the study of the client's needs (company-student): tailor-made courses.
  • Aim towards the effective performance of the job function (including recycling and versatility): training-action, eminently practical, towards business management.
  • Eligibility of the teaching: in the company itself or in Itemsa classrooms or via Webinar (or both, with a mix of some sessions in-company and others via webinar or at our facilities).
  • Evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of the courses (of the teaching staff and of the documentation delivered) by the students themselves, immediately upon completion of the course, and of results by the client company, afterwards (rapid effective response, translatable to results in the student’s performance).
  • Documentation (manuals) and pedagogical material with close attention to detail towards its various aspects of structuring texts, transparencies and practical cases, writing and presentation, permanent updating, bibliographical sources, etc.
  • Competent, practical and experienced teaching staff.
  • Excellent facilities for the delivery of the courses.
  • Consistency with the corporate culture of client companies and ordered programming (planning of their training activities).
  • Openness and orientation to change (new technologies and modern management techniques) within the framework of the new emerging business culture.
  • Extensive repertoire of courses (by management areas).
  • Several levels of implementation (basic, intermediate and specialisation courses).

Itemsa offers its clients an Applied Training system with the following characteristics:

  • Benchmark management philosophies: Lean (production/organisation agile, frugal and flexible) and Kaizén (continuous improvement).
  • Complementary and insuring of consulting actions.
  • Directed to managers, specialists and workers or clerical workers (selected by the own clients companies).
  • Focused towards:
    • The effective performance of the job (quality and productivity).
    • Change management in the company (foresight, innovation and creativity).
    • Customer service (internal and external) in quality, price and delivery time (competitiveness).
    • Professional and personal development of human resources (competency management: knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours).
  • In an environment of:
    • Agile, frugal and flexible organisation ("lean organisation").
    • Continuous improvement (Kaizén/Learning organisation).
    • Teamwork (motivation and participation).
  • Content:
    • Techniques and effective management tools:
    • Fundamentals and theoretical development of the most modern and efficient techniques (5’S, SMED, TPM, POKA-YOKE’s, etc.), with examples from the company itself.
    • Application of this to a PILOT WORK, providing advice and technical support.