With international firms, universities, professional associations and other organisations, we develop programmes to improve the competitiveness of their associates.

ITEMSA collaborates with Foment del Treball Nacional, with Unió Patronal Metal·lúrgica de Barcelona, with PIMEC and with other socio-economic organisations, in the preparation and development of programmes to improve the productivity and competitiveness of its members, helping them to optimise their productive resources for the creation of value, improving their results and encouraging the creation and permanent maintenance of a good social environment.

Itemsa is the first and only Spanish member of ONE-MTM, the largest international organization specialized in MTM, and has Official Instructors approved by ONE-MTM.

At Itemsa we are accredited consultants by ACCIÓ in the areas of Organization and Operations and Industry 4.0, and both Itemsa and APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 are part of the offer of products and services for Industry 4.0 promoted by this agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

For years, Itemsa has regularly participated with other international firms, including the consulting firms Ingenics, Xpuls and ABMI, in the development of important Improvement Projects for large companies in sectors as competitive as aeronautics, automotive or technology.

Itemsa regularly collaborates with Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), with various Business Associations and with the Public Administration.

We also collaborate actively with PIMEC and the UPM (Unión Patronal Metalúrgica) by offering training and consulting services at a preferential rate to its members. We are also members of the Technical Commission for Work Organization of the Labor Court of Catalonia (TLC) on behalf of Foment del Treball.

Itemsa was a founding partner of the Spanish MTM Association and a member of its Board of Directors and its Technical Committee until 2022. At the same time, Itemsa's General Director, David Calvo, was a member of an international technical coordination group of the IMD (International MTM Directorate) and held several executive positions in this organization.