Collaboration models

Before taking action, we precisely assess the client’s competitiveness situation (quality, productivity and flexibility), as well as the amount of the achievable savings.

ITEMSA can help its clients to successfully implement a Competitiveness Improvement Plan for your company:

  • Analysing and correctly diagnosing the initial situation.
  • Setting ambitious and achievable objectives in the most decisive management areas.
  • Programming the precise actions, with minimal investments or expenses.
  • Constantly monitoring the results, to introduce the appropriate corrections in time.
  • Ensuring the necessary levels of participation and commitment by the chain of command and the different work teams.

We help them implement an effective Competitiveness Improvement Plan, scheduling the most appropriate actions, with minimum investments or expenses.

ITEMSA can also help them to develop and effectively implement a Process Improvement Plan, limited to a manufacturing section or an assembly line, prior preparation of a closed budget, with savings objectives to achieve and variable cost of our intervention.

And, finally, we can collaborate with your company, assuming, for example, the development of the full or partial functions of an internal advisory service in terms of methods and times for your industrial processes.

We offer your company the following collaboration models: