Methods-Time MTM

We eliminate unnecessary work and uneconomical use of resources.

We achieve the increase in productivity with the best adaptation of people to working conditions, while we eliminate or reduce occupational risks.

ITEMSA can help its clients to identify improvement opportunities in any productive process and make their companies really benefit from the selected ones, by carrying out the following activities:

  • Practical organisation of work and production, so as to increase the yields of the resources provided (labour, equipment and facilities) and reduce costs, with the least possible effort. 
  • Optimisation of process management, in order to guarantee the efficiency, effectiveness and stability of the results to be achieved. 
  • Improvement and standardisation of work methods, determining and applying the ideal method (the most practical, efficient and economical) to perform a task with the means available in the current circumstances, complying with the quality, cost and delivery deadlines agreed upon with the clients (external and internal) and guaranteeing the safety of the people in every case. 
  • Determination of times, by establishing the correct work implementation times with minimum normal performance required, and quality levels set that are achieved accordingly.
  • Application of systems of methods and predetermined MTM times, which makes it possible to have correct work methods and implementation times, before starting production, and create standardised data and time formulas (without the need to assess the activity or work rate of the operators).
  • Preparation of standardised tables of times for the company, deduced from MTM applications and other work measurement techniques, with guarantees of being able to correctly obtain them.
  • Development of workload balances for manufacturing cells and assembly lines, through redistribution of the work assigned to the workstations of a manufacturing or assembly line, so that the execution times assigned to each one of them are approximately equal.

At Itemsa we have 35 years of experience in Method and Time Management (MTM) or (Methods-Time Measurement) consultancy projects and we guarantee tangible results in the short term. Not only that, but we also maintain and continuously improve these results, because thanks to our experience we are committed to the success of the project together with you: we assure you that the cost of our involvement in the project will represent, at most, half of what your company saves in the first year of implementation.

This is possible because our team has extensive experience of successful implementations of projects focused at reducing unit costs of products and services in companies in many sectors. Our professionals and collaborators have a high level of knowledge and all the certifications in MTM.

And we are the only Spanish associate member of One-MTM, the largest international network of partners that supports globally operating companies in the innovation, implementation and uniform application of MTM systems as well as standardised training and certification of employees. As well as providing consultancy in productivity improvement, Methods & Time and MTM in addition to MTM software solutions, such as our APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 suite.

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