Who Is The Training Aimed At

Managers, Technicians and Middle Management

The courses we offer at Itemsa are designed for our customers to improve the training of employees at all levels, which is why we offer specific training for different areas and aimed at specific profiles in each case. As a whole, our courses are designed for executives, middle management, technicians and qualified workers, but specifically, in each course file you will find the specific employee profile each course is aimed at.

ITEMSA’s training is aimed at:

  • Directors.
  • Specialists.
  • Middle management.
  • Qualified operators.

These same profiles can participate in our strategy modules; the technical modules are aimed preferably towards middle management, technicians and qualified workers; and in the tools modules, these same profiles.

As you know, Itemsa's training is the transfer of know-how and for this reason we have created a new training model that adapts to the needs of all our clients. We continue to offer specific training in each of the areas in high demand, but we also do so in different formats in order for you to be able to choose the most convenient one for your employees:

  • For companies that have a sufficient number of employees or have specific needs, we offer in-company training. These trainings are customized, based on the needs of each company, for whom we adapt the content of the different courses we offer.
  • On the other hand, we also offer public courses, with a common syllabus, which can be attended by employees from different companies.

In all cases the training can be conducted via live webinar with our teachers, thus facilitating the attendance of people from different backgrounds. Courses are also held in our classrooms.
In-company training can also be conducted at the company's facilities in order to facilitate the attendance of the company's employees and adapting the content to the specific needs of the client. Mixed training courses can also be conducted, with part of the sessions at the company's headquarters and the rest at Itemsa or via webinar.