Human Resources and Ethical Productivity

We help our clients create the best working environment

ITEMSA can help its clients to optimise the management of their company's human resources: planning, development, implementation, coordination and control of techniques capable of promoting efficient and effective personnel performance.

Itemsa has experience in conveniently solving the varied structural or occasional problems of its clients in the following areas:

  • Variable remuneration systems (bonuses and incentives for employees).
  • Assessment systems and hierarchy of job vacancies.
  • Individual performance evaluation systems.
  • Systems for managing functional mobility and polyvalence.
  • Organisational working environment.
  • Personnel policies.
  • Technical advice and help in the negotiation of collective agreements and company agreements.
  • Resizing of workforce.

Ethical Productivity

At Itemsa we strongly encourage ethical productivity. Designed, created and developed for the well-being of people. That is why one of our main values is to be people-centred, based on mutual respect and the comprehensive development of everyone who is involved in our procedures. This is something we take very much into account in our organisation and work improvement projects. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to count on, among other things:

  • A good professional hierarchy and job classification ( job description and evaluation, hierarchisation, ...).
  • A good salary structure.
  • Variable remuneration systems, including incentives and bonuses for employees which reward their participation in improving the company's results.

Wages, productivity, bonuses and incentives go hand in hand

We know how to identify, measure and quantify the involvement and dedication which employees provide to improve the expected indicators when their work results in increased efficiency (OEE, performance, etc.) and thus in an improved competitiveness of the company.

We possess the tools to develop a plan that rewards this value, and we implement the option of a variable remuneration system (be it bonus systems or work organisation and incentive systems) which best suits the needs of each company.

Our APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 suite also includes a specific module, called Competitiveness KPIs and Incentives Manager, to manage the main KPIs and calculate the incentives to be earned by the workforce, based on the results actually obtained by the plant and its specific contribution.

Organisational design and job evaluation systems

We design job evaluation systems in order to establish fair and equitable salary structures, meaning to ensure equal remuneration for jobs with broadly similar demands and to adequately remunerate for the higher requirements of some jobs compared to others.

As organisations become more complex, it becomes more difficult to maintain a fair and balanced level of pay for jobs. Any unjustified change (and even a justified one that is not perceived as such) tends to upset the system.

That is why we provide a specific job evaluation service, specific software to manage it as well as legal support.

360º workforce restructuring

We are aware of the need to change the way we work, to promote a team´s autonomy and poly-competence, to increase versatility and collaboration among its members, to encourage participation among different teams or to be committed to diversity.

Itemsa's specific know-how allows us to resize workforces and organisations to transform them into much more productive, prepared and collaborative environments, with a solid base in order to successfully face the challenge of continuous improvement.

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