Radiographs and Productivity Diagnoses

We previously studied the feasibility and profitability of our Projects, the amount of savings to be achieved and the cost of our interventions.

A productivity radiograph is a brief diagnosis of the situation with a view to knowing the feasibility, the amount of possible savings and the profitability of a Project to improve productivity.

How much does the radiograph cost?

The radiograph will be carried out at no cost to the client.

What is an industrial productivity diagnosis?

It consists of a previous study of the real situation of a factory, in terms of productivity, to objectively guide the approach of the future technical intervention and to facilitate the identification and order of priority of the improvement actions to be developed, in order to achieve a more effective and significant reduction of current operating costs, including, when applicable, the scheduling of a representative and budgeted pilot-work, allowing the extrapolation of its savings to a possible subsequent complete project with a zero or minimum investment, easy and quick return.

What do we understand by profitable project?

One that meets the following three conditions:

  • Guaranteed savings: greater than 10% (with respect to current costs).
  • Return on investment term: less than 6 months
  • Fees: proportional to the budgeted obtainable savings.