Competitiveness Strategies

We teach our students how to establish and promote strong competitiveness strategies in their company

We train them to successfully implement a Competitiveness Improvement Plan, to raise awareness and involve the entire chain of command of their company in the challenges of improving their current cost, quality and service levels and to develop business strategies that effectively ensure the profitability of their products or services.

Managers and employees (and their legal representatives) should be aware of the urgent need to quickly and effectively adapt to the changes that have been constantly occurring in the sector of activity of their companies, and to permanently and sustainably improve the current levels of competitiveness (in terms of quality, productivity, costs, delivery times and flexibility), and to this end, articulating the most appropriate competitiveness strategies to the demands and possibilities at every step.

In these courses, ITEMSA will help them successfully implement these competitiveness strategies through the delivery of the following training modules:

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Introduction to Industrial Competitiveness

How to raise awareness and involve the line of command in the competitiveness challenges of the industrial Company to effectively answer the market changing requirements regarding costs, quality and service matters.
  • Accurately applying the most modern organization and production management techniques.
  • Optimizing the use of the available resources.
  • Making the employees and work teams performance more dynamic.
Duration: 12 Hours
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How to establish and coordinate an Improvement Plan: examples

How to successfully implement a Competitiveness Improvement Plan for your Company:
  • Analyzing and appropriately diagnosing the initial situation
  • Establishing ambitious and reachable objectives in the most crucial management areas
  • Programing the necessary actions with minimum investments and/or costs
  • Continuously controlling the results, to introduce on time the appropriate correction; and ensuring the necessary levels of participation and commitment of the line of command and the different working teams.
Duration: 10 Hours