Pilot Actions

Training work: as a team and on site.

Immediate practical application of the content of the training to the company’s work.

Through pilot action, we understand the teamwork that is carried out in the client company by the workers participating in a training action, consisting of the practical application of its content to their work.

What are the objectives of a pilot action?

  • Ensure that the knowledge acquired in the development of the training action is immediately put into practice.
  • Replace, with a similar level of objectivity and approximation, a situation diagnosis and evaluation of the potential for improvement of a site.
  • In a short space of time, demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of ITEMSA's interventions to our clients, highlighting:
    • Our total expertise of the techniques used.
    • Our ability to obtain their optimal performance.
    • The solidity and applicability of our theoretical presentations.
    • Our ability to obtain the commitment of interested parties.
    • The effectiveness in the implementations and in the accompaniment with a view to obtaining the expected results, to the full satisfaction of the client and its internal collaborators.

We highlight the possible following Pilot Actions for the beginning of a future collaboration with ITEMSA:

  • Order and cleanliness (5S) in workshops, warehouses and offices.
  • Improvement of work methods through MTM techniques.
  • Improvement of model changes using the SMED technique.

What is the cost of a pilot action?

In the case of a training activity, the appropriate official grants may be requested, if necessary.