Case Study Itemsa collaborates with Neklar Spain to automatise and improve its incentive calculation and reporting system

Case Study APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 y Neklar Spain| Automation and efficiency

Neklar Spain needs to automate its calculation process to integrate all the information provided by its MES system in a combined way, avoiding manual calculations for the variable remuneration accounting. This integration process through the customisation of the Competitiveness KPIs and Incentives Manager module of the Approductivity 4.0 suite allows all the information to be managed in real time, in a more agile way and with no extra time costs, obtaining an objective and error-free calculation and reporting to interested parties on a timely basis.
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Siemens Gamesa

Case Study Siemens Gamesa

SIEMENS GAMESA needs to establish a reference model for the assembly process in the assembly lines of wind turbines, which is valid for all its Factories worldwide by defining the optimal sequence of the operating methods, the starting point for its adaptation to the characteristics of each of these Factories. We responded to this challenge by integrating APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 -our Lean and Industry 4.0 software-, which also allows us to increase productivity and flexibility with our cutting-edge technology. Do you want to know how we accomplished this task? Click here and find out all the details.


Case Study Alstom | Improve Factory Efficiency

ALSTOM addressed us to monitor the progress of their train manufacturing process in order to know, from the beginning and in real time, the possible deviations from the process engineering forecasts (Static Balancing) in order for them to take the appropriate corrective action before these possible deviations become a problem for the achievement of the set manufacturing goals. To solve this challenge, we integrated APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 - our Lean and Industry 4.0 software - into the project and created a new Dynamic Balancing module (EQUDIN-MES) which meets their needs. Finally we managed to consolidate the progress in the production environment, contributing to a significant Increase in Efficiency (OEE) of the factory. Click here and discover the complete Case Study.


Case Study APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 y Alstom | Improving Productivity

ALSTOM asked us to improve the productivity of its train and streetcar manufacturing plant as well as its Engineering processes. It also needed a tool to create Workload balancing (Static Line Balancing) and standardize the generation and management of Standard Operation Instructions (SOI). We accepted the challenge and integrated APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 - our Lean and Industry 4.0 software - into the project. This allows us to stimulate intelligent management, improve productivity and make the Factory more flexible. Would you like to learn more? Click here and discover the complete Case Study.