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We are experts in improving the productivity and competitiveness of our Clients.

We drastically reduce process costs, optimise current resources and provide greater added value, with a rapid return on the improvement cost.

The MTM Specialist TechnicalInstitute S.A. (ITEMSA) is founded in1988. This was the first company in theITEMSA Group, and dealt withMTM training, Industrial Consultancy and other Professional Services to Businesses.

ITEMSA Productividad, s.l.,is established in 1995. Currently the main company in the Group the afore mentioned company’s main activity is focused on Projects for the Improvement of Industrial Competitiveness.

During the years between 2000 and 2003, other companies are incorporated in the Group as independent legal entities, providing services including Training, Work Risk prevention and Ergonomics, Industrialisation and IT. Solutions development; each of these is managed byrecognised experts in the field.

  • Our Founder, Jose Calvo Calvo, was in the early 80’s one of the pioneers in the implementation in Spain of Japanese management techniques (by then he was the National Responsible of Methods and Times and Productivity Improving in MOTOR IBÉRICA –NISSAN-). This same function was developed later by him, between 1990 and 1997, in the Company ROCA RADIATORS, with responsibility for the role of plants in all of the world.
  • The Technical Director of Itemsa Group, Albert Calvo i Simón, as well as our manager, David Calvo i Simón, are members of the Technical Commission of the Industrial Court of Catalonia.
  • Itemsa Group has been founder and member of the Board and the Technical Committee of the MTM Spanish Association and also belonged to the MTM-EWD (International MTM Directorate – Ethical Work Design).
  • Itemsa Group regularly collaborates with various Business Associations and Public Administration.

We are the only Spanish associate member of One-MTM, the largest international network of partners that supports globally operating companies in the innovation, implementation and uniform application of MTM systems as well as standardised training and certification of employees. As well as providing consultancy in productivity improvement, Methods & Time and MTM in addition to MTM software solutions, such as our APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 suite.

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