Competitive advantages

We are specialists who guarantee results.

We know how to evaluate in advance the level of possible improvement and how to translate it into reality in an accurate way.

We always work on site, collaborating with the client's management and technical team to ensure the achievement of satisfactory results in the project and continuous improvement throughout the organisation, through the effective involvement and commitment of all staff.

We guarantee the profitability of our studies, obtaining savings usually exceeding 25% of the costs of the processes reviewed.

Fees known in advance are closed and firm, they have a reduced fixed cost and the variable part is linked to the attainment of the agreed savings.

Guarantee of maintenance of a good organisational and social environment during the development and implementation of the projects.

Effective transfer of operational know-how.

Optimisation of the performance of employees and other client partners in the development of skills, attitudes and appropriate behaviours, without the need to prolong our presence after interventions.

ITEMSA’s competitive advantages are:

  • Our profitability guarantees:
    • Budgets broken down by implementation phases, with predefined objectives and costs.
    • Shared responsibility with the client regarding the effective achievement of the agreed objectives.
    • Regular attainment of savings greater than 25% of the costs of the processes reviewed.
    • Fees based on results (linked to the amount of budgeted savings).
    • Term for the return on costs of our interventions: known in advance by the client and usually less than 6 months.
  • More than 35 years of successful experience in consulting for industrial and service companies.
  • Work methodology which is based on specialisation and is valid for any activity and sector.
  • Ability to determine the exact level of possible improvement and how to translate it into reality.
  • Professionalism and commitment of the team of experts, with a high level of managerial and teaching competence in the different areas of business management.
  • Tendency towards working on site, with a highly practical approach and in close collaboration with all specialists, managers and employees of the client, to promote, from within, the precise change in the attitudes and behaviours of the entire organisation towards obtaining results.

Initial situation:
Need to successfully implement the techniques for productivity improvement and the assignation of correct times of execution to improve the processes productivity.