Productivity improvement and cost reduction

Optimisation of the client’s current resources (facilities and labour), without the need for expensive investments.

We offer solutions that provide improvements in quality, productivity and flexibility, with a substantial reduction in the unit costs of the products or services.

For our clients, our services represent a significant increase in the level of productivity of the facilities and workforce performance.

ITEMSA is able to offer its clients innovative and operative solutions, accompanying them in their effective implementation.

Our services will allow them to substantially increase productivity (efficiency of facilities and workforce performance), reduce production costs quickly, significantly and sustainably and increase the level of satisfaction of their clients.

We can offer you effective help in the following areas:

  • Situation diagnoses and evaluation of the potential for productivity improvement.
  • Projects to improve global competitiveness.
  • Practical work organisation.
  • Improvement in the use of facilities and equipment.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Management and control systems.
  • Processes, methods and times.
  • Lean Manufacturing.
  • Layout studies (improvement, expansion, transfer).
  • Reengineering of processes (layouts, etc.).
  • Integral logistics (internal and external).
  • Implementation of TPM and 5S.
  • Optimisation of machine preparations and model changes (SMED).
  • Implementation of Six Sigma Improvement Projects.
  • Quality assurance in the process.
  • Design of workstations: ergonomics and productivity.
  • Assessment of workstations.
  • Variable remuneration systems.
  • Complementary training of specialists and leadership.
  • Assistance in claims and conflicts before the Courts of Conciliation or disputes.
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