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Training courses

Working Methods Analysis and Improvement


Productivity techniques and tools

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Activities assessment


Tècniques i eines de productivitat

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Formacion Itemsa ACBOER

New training ACBOER: allowance calculation system

We incorporate the new ACBOER training (Calculation of allowances based on ergonomic requirements) to our catalogue ...
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Itemsa and UPM alliance towards business productivity

UPM-Itemsa alliance, a joint commitment towards business productivity

We strengthen our alliance with UPM(Unió Patronal Metal·lúrgica) through different initiatives and activities that we will ...
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Itemsa imparte la primera formación EAWS en abierto de España. Formación oficial y con validez internacional en MTM

Itemsa offers the first public EAWS Official Training in Spain

The first open EAWS training in Spain will take place from April 15th to 19th. This public course ...
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