Industry 4
Industry 4
Industry 4

Industry 4.0 is rapidly changing the way companies operate as well as the environments in which they compete and therefore poses new challenges to companies. At Itemsa we are experts in facilitating the digital evolution necessary for companies to adapt to this new reality.

Out of all the information you have about your company,
do you know what to analyse and why?

We apply Industry 4.0 concepts to determine which information is relevant and define how to structure it, as well as to integrate systems. We have the ability to collect and analyse data from your processes; and most importantly, we know how to contrast it and for which purposes.

We provide you with the key information:
We know how to close the gap between what you should know and what you don't already know.

Our software APPRODUCTIVITY4.0 software allows us, based on the standards determined, to compare what is happening in reality in your company with what should be happening. Only in this way is it possible to know the gap, evaluate performance, efficiencies, work progress, or the variables you need to manage and establish a plan for the continuous reduction of inefficiencies.

Our software is designed to offer you that information. We use it ourselves and we offer it to you.

In parallel, we bring you the consulting service, which provides you with the metrics of all this standard data.

And the most important thing: we offer you the training so that you can do it by yourself.

Industria 4.0