International presence

We connect globally with the industrial and services world, participating in the most demanding competitiveness projects.

We grow with the international vocation of our Clients and follow them where necessary.

Since its inception, Itemsa has been closely involved in the industrial and service sectors, as well as in the most demanding and challenging productivity projects.

We are a Spanish company with a strong national presence, and we also operate regularly in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, and Argentina. Our clients include leading companies such as Airbus, Alstom, Yamaha, Hitachi, Teka, Iveco, and Schneider. We have achieved successful results in consulting projects and productivity optimization by providing value-added solutions, improving methods and times, and enhancing the performance of plants and production processes.

New challenges are emerging worldwide

Our experienced team is reliable and possesses extensive expertise, education, and know-how. Itemsa teams up with experts and partners who have certified competence in their respective specialities and areas of action, including management, executive, technical, and teaching.


We have been pioneers in MTM in Spain

Since our establishment in 1998 as Instituto Técnico Especializado en MTM S.A. (ITEMSA), our commitment to the training and implementation of MTM techniques in Spain is evident through our co-founding of the Spanish MTM Association in 1990 and our membership on the board of directors of the MTM-EWD (International MTM Directorate - Ethical Work Design) until its dissolution. One-MTM is the only internationally accredited organization, and we are proud to be an associate partner. We are currently the only associate member in Spain responsible for One-MTM, the largest international network of partners in this specialty.

The mission of One-MTM is to develop and improve MTM systems by providing support and assistance to all member companies in the innovation, implementation and uniform application of MTM systems, standardised training and official accreditation of workers and technicians through the official certification of their qualifications, which allows us to provide official MTM training worldwide.


Itemsa has developed APPRODUCTIVITY4.0, an integrated software suite that enhances productivity, flexibility, and competitiveness for companies. The software is customised to meet the specific needs of each client and has already been implemented globally.