International presence

We connect globally with the industrial and services world, participating in the most demanding competitiveness projects.

We grow with the international vocation of our Clients and follow them where necessary.

From its origins, ITEMSA is connected with the industrial and services world and with the most demanding productivity projects.

We have had a long presence in countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Portugal or Brazil and Argentina.

We face new challenges anywhere in the world.

Asia, where we are in permanent contact, North Africa and Latin America, spaces in development, are destinations in which we will develop new projects.

The work of ITEMSA’s Managing Director, David Calvo Simón, as a member of the international technical coordination group of the IMD (International MTM Directorate) shares this spirit.


Initial situation:
Need to successfully implement the techniques for productivity improvement and the assignation of correct times of execution to improve the processes productivity.