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We help our Customers
by transferring them our know-how

The courses available in our training areas are oriented to improve your company productivity and competitiveness. We can help you to improve your strategies, to choose the most suitable and successful techniques and tools to achieve your objectives, to conveniently practice Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma, to elaborate the most appropriate environmental policy, to optimize the quality management and to train your Middle Management.

The organization of our courses is tailored to the needs of each customer/company:

  • We offer in-company training at the client's own facilities, via webinar or in our training rooms (or a mix between them).
    The in-company training can be based on the pre-established program that we have in the different courses or can also be adapted to the needs of each company and the characteristics of the group of employees that will receive the training.
  • Public courses for students from different companies. In this case these can also be held in webinar format or in our training classrooms and require a minimum quorum to be taught.

The webinars are taught live by our trainers, so students can interact, ask questions and enjoy a training equivalent to what we do in our classrooms or in-company.

Here you can find a list of the public courses / webinars scheduled for the upcoming weeks. If you prefer to receive in-company training, please contact us:

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SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) Quick change of tools to optimize preparations

Productivity techniques and tools

16 hours from 22 November, 2022
to 29 November, 2022
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
De 09:00h a 13:00h.
480 €
 Técnicos Junior
 Técnicos Senior
 Mandos Interm.
 Resp. Operac.

Activities assessment

Tècniques i eines de productivitat

4 hours from 25 November, 2022
to 25 November, 2022
De 09:00h a 13:00h.
125 €
 Técnicos Junior
 Técnicos Senior
 Mandos Interm.
 Resp. Operac.