Business Management and Competitiveness

We help our clients to improve the planning, organisation, management and control of their activities.

Guidance, establishment and autonomous management of an adequate policy for permanent and sustainable improvement of business productivity and competitiveness

ITEMSA can help its clients to improve the management of their company, in any of the following functions and activities:

  • Planning: Forecasts, setting objectives, setting policies, scheduling actions, determining deadlines, assignment of responsibilities and resources, definition of methods and procedures to be applied, etc.
  • Organisation: Structuring and development of functions and operational units, delegation of powers and establishment of the regime of internal and external relations.
  • Management: Decision making, motivation, information and communication.
  • Control: Determination of standards, measurements, evaluations and adoption of measures for the correction of deviations.

In addition, we can also offer you the development of the following types of studies related to the management of business competitiveness and productivity:

  • Business productivity diagnostics (global and by management areas).
  • Strategic change management for the permanent and sustainable improvement of productivity.
  • Company culture (corporate philosophy), aimed at improving productivity.
  • Definition of the corporate strategy.
  • Preparation, defence and implementation of a work organisation system and incentives for productivity and the corresponding application regulation.
  • Elaboration of viability plans and resizing of the workforce.
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