Global Competitiveness Projects

Innovation and creativity, at the service of the integral and sustainable improvement of the competitiveness and profitability of our clients.

  • Realistic, reliable and effective improvement projects which are adjusted to the client's current needs.
  • Clear and precise budgets, broken down by steps, with predefined objectives and costs according to the client.
  • Cost of the projects usually less than 50% of the savings obtained in the first year of their effective implementation.
  • Guarantee of maintenance of a good organisational and social environment during the development and implementation of the projects.

If your company needs to:

  • Lighten and boost its organisational structure.
  • Improve practical work organisation.
  • Optimise manufacturing processes and methods (with current production facilities or equipment or with reduced investment in auxiliary resources, with easy and early recovery).
  • Increase the quality of your products or services.
  • Meet and shorten delivery times.
  • Reduce unit production costs.
  • Determine or review the correct time required for machine preparation or change of model and the execution of productive operations.
  • Establish or revise variable remuneration systems or incentives for the workforce.
  • Ensure the teaching or training of personnel involved in the project (specialists, middle managers, workers, staff representatives, etc.) for recycling or training in techniques to improve productivity and quality, job performance, professional retraining, versatility, etc.

ITEMSA can help you improve your results,

  • increasing current levels of productivity and quality,
  • standardising operations,
  • perfecting methods and reducing time and costs,
  • at the same time promoting the creation and maintenance of a climate of permanent interest for continuous improvement throughout the whole organisation,
  • guaranteeing the maintenance of a good organisational and social environment through having obtained the loyal collaboration of the technical offices of the clients and of the search for the acceptance of the studies by the representatives of the workers and of the operators themselves.

In case of discrepancies or conflicts, we defend our studies before the labour authorities and before the Courts of Conciliation and Arbitration or social disputes.

ITEMSA‘s work system ensures the continuity of the project and its integration in the corporate and organisational culture of the client, through the creation of mixed improvement teams, composed of the client's and ITEMSA's personnel.