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Experts in productivity and competitiveness

We are experts in improving our Customers’ competitiveness and productivity, drastically reducing their processes costs, optimizing their present resources (personnel and facilities) and providing a greater added value to activities, with fast recover of the cost of the improvement project. We are backed by 30 years of successful consulting experience. We obtain short term and tangible results, continuously keeping and improving them. And we do it, always together, the Customer and ITEMSA.


 ITEMSA is a Consulting Firm especially dedicated to the following activities:

  • Study and implementation of custom-made solutions (realistic, reliable and effective) to improve its Customers’ competitiveness (productivity, quality and flexibility).
  • Design of training programs and training in the most appropriated techniques.
  • Development and supply of software solutions (ItemsaSoft PROCESOS®) for production management (processes, methods and times, required resources and information for the use of Engineering and Workshops).
    We are backed by 30 years of successful Consulting experience improving competitiveness for industrial and services Firms.

We are experts and we offer comprehensive services of Consulting, Training and Computer Solutions in the following activities:

  • Competitiveness improvement (productivity, quality and flexibility).
  • Production costs reduction.
  • Increase of the knowledge and skills of our Customers’ staff.
  • Implementation of ItemsaSoft PROCESOS®, our own specific (integrated) production management software (processes, methods and time, required resources and information for use of Engineering and Workshops).
    We improve the competitiveness of our Customers with a substantial cost reduction of their key business processes (production, logistics, maintenance…):
  • Without untimely and expensive investments.
  • Optimizing the use of the available resources at every moment (manpower, machinery and equipment and inventories).
  • Providing a new and higher value to activities (specially, production activities).
    We help our Customers to timely achieve their strategic goals, with the development and effective implementation of a realistic and customized Action Plan.

We previously diagnose the Customer’s objective starting situation, analyzing the efficiency of the industrial equipment and the manpower performance, and assessing the potential of the economies detected, which can be obtained with the effective implementation of an Integral Improvement Project, profitable and suited to the present technological, economic, social and labour situation of the company.  

We design, develop and implement, with optimum results, Integral Improvement Projects:

  • Suited to the specific needs of each Customer.
  • Profitable (the results of their implementation, as well as their cost –which is usually recovered in less than 6 months- are previously known by the Customer).
  • Without deterioration of the good working climate.
    Our work methodologies and techniques have a reliable quality and are updated and suitable for any kind of company.

We offer our Customers a personalized and excellent service.
We are expert in managing the change of mentality, attitudes and behaviour in the organization and development of work, as well as in optimizing resources, adding value and achieving the budgeted objectives.

We are committed to the results, so that the foreseen targets (specific and assessed)  are reached or exceeded and, depending on the kind of project, we offer the customer a payment method based on a reduced fixed cost and a variable amount, linked to the achievement of the goals.

We always work closely alongside our Customers until they reach the agreed results.

We obtain short-term and tangible results, continuously keeping and improving them, without any need for being constantly present at the Customer’s facilities. For this reason, we promote the desired change from the inside, so that the Customer’s personnel can always feel and be able to maintain the improvements achieved and the whole organization –from top to bottom- feel committed to a dynamics of excellence and continuous improvement.
Most of our Customers are precisely our Customers because they already know us and repeat, or because one of them has recommended us.

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The Instituto Técnico Especialista en MTM S.A.(ITEMSA) was founded in 1988. Since then, for 30 years, we have been dedicated to MTM Training, Business Consulting (especially for industrial companies) and other profession... [+ info]


ITEMSA’S collaboration is extended to many activity sectors, from automotive to aeronautics, electrical or cosmetics. ITEMSA’S Model can be applied to any activity sector.Try us! [+ info]

Professional Team

ITEMSA has an efficient team of experts and external collaborators who have a long career and extended experience at leading companies in many different areas and a certified and high level of management, executive and t... [+ info]

Work methodology

ITEMSA offers you the total reliability of the proposed solutions, based on:- The competence (know-how) of our technicians.- The effectiveness in implementing the improvements.- The guarantee of the mainte... [+ info]

Corporate Philosophy

ITEMSA’s mission is to link our business expectations to the efficient and permanent practice of a model of working closely alongside our Customers and sharing risks with them, to obtain a continuous and sustainable incr... [+ info]

Competitive Benefits

ITEMSA is backed up by the results of 30 years of successful experience in the consulting of industrial and services companies. We are specialized in the enhancement of competitiveness and productivity, with a methodolog... [+ info]


ITEMSA regularly cooperates with business associations, such as Foment del Treball (employers’ organization promoting business activities in Catalonia), PIMEC (organization for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises i... [+ info]

International Presence

From its very beginnings, ITEMSA has been connected to the industry world and to the demanding productivity projects of companies. We are delighted to accompany our customers wherever we are needed. [+ info]

Headquarters and location

ITEMSA’s head office is located in Rambla de Catalunya, 66 4º G-H 08007, in Barcelona, a place where the main business, professional and knowledge activities of the city are concentrated. [+ info]

Work with us

ITEMSA’s head office is located in Rambla de Catalunya, 66 4º G-H 08007, in Barcelona, a place where the main business, professional and knowledge activities of the city are concentrated. [+ info]