MTM-UAS Basic Operations

MTM Predetermined times</p


MTM Predetermined times

The MTM-UAS technique allows to carry out the study of movements and assign correct execution times for manual operations, through the application of the MTM-UAS, specially designed to shorten the analysis time of the MTM-1 and to reduce its high cost, without compromising the required quality of the data and counting on complete cycles of movements.

The main purpose of the MTM is to optimize working methods. The most accurate and best-performing tool is the MTM-1; but, sometimes its use is not recommended due to its profitability or because such precision is not necessary (launchment of new products, demand for fast results, longer work cycles, etc.).

In these cases, an appropriate tool, due to the speed of use and the sufficient quality of its results, is the MTM-UAS.

To be admitted to the MTM-2 training the applicant has to have passed the MTM-1 Base exam.

The objective of the MTM-UAS course is to:

Provide a fundamental understanding about:

  • the process building block system MTM-UAS and its development,
  • the classification of MTM-UAS in the Framework of the MTM Process Building Block Systems,
  • the relevance of the method level in process type 2 and its influencing factors, and
  • the application requirements for and application areas of MTM-UAS, and
  • the principles underlying the development and description of the standard operations in batch production.

At the end of this MTM-UAS training the participant will be able to:

  • structure, plan, and design processes and work systems,
  • describe and evaluate work content,
  • identify design potential for planning and improve processes and work systems, and
  • create and describe company-specific process building blocks.


The mandatory training materials consist of the MTM-UAS manual (including the back-up analyses of the MTM-UAS Standard Operations), the MTM-UAS data cards of both the basic operations and the standard operations, daily repetition exercises, and various forms, all published by MTMA. Further teaching aids are the manual-related presentation, the MTM training box, the software TiCon, and films, which are provided together with the related work system descriptions, in accordance with the syllabus.


All MTM courses are taught by Official Instructors and the exams are also official, granting an official title endorsed by the One-MTM, the international MTM organization.

Having passed the MTM-UAS exam the candidate receives a certificate. Should the participant have failed the exam, a digital confirmation of participation will be issued instead of the certificate.


Duration: 40 hours


Course taught by:

Albert Calvo
Albert Calvo
Technical Director at ITEMSA

More than 25 years leading and participating in consultancy projects and trainings.

David Calvo
David Calvo
General Manager at ITEMSA and CEO at APPRODUCTIVITY4.0

More than 30 years leading and participating in consultancy projects, trainings and development of computer applications (APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0).

Julián Caballero
Julián Caballero
Project Director at ITEMSA

More than 20 years leading and participating in consultancy projects and trainings.

 Rafael Padilla
Rafael Padilla
Project Director at ITEMSA

More than 20 years leading and participating in consultancy projects and trainings.

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