MTM Predetermined times


MTM Predetermined times

MTM-SAM was developed on the initiative of the Swedish Efficiency Organisation's Technical Committee in 1982, with the participation of companies such as VOLVO, ASEA and SAAB-SCANIA, as well as major trade union organisations.

It allows you to describe the working methods in a quick, clear and easy way -both for those who are performing the analysis and for those who have to interpret it- and assign the correct required predetermined execution times with the precision of MTM systems.

MTM-SAM consists, as its name indicates (Sequence-based Activity and Method analysis), in a sequential analysis of the working methods, which means that the analysis is developed according to how the work is carried out, being, in addition, 30% faster than the MTM-UAS.

MTM-SAM, being based exclusively on MTM-1 and MTM-2, is part of the IMD-EWD (International Motion Time Measurement Development - Ethical Work Design) Methodological Platform.

The main purpose of MTM is to optimize working methods. The most accurate and best-performing tool is the MTM-1; but sometimes its use is not advisable for reasons of profitability or because it does not require so much precision (launch of new products, need of fast results, longer working cycles, etc.).

In these cases, an appropriate tool, for the speed of use and the sufficient quality of its results, is the MTM-SAM.


  • Highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this block system of predetermined times with respect to the basic MTM, MTM-1, and conventional time studies.
  • Explain the limits of use of the MTM-SAM system.
  • Explain the method of analysis and the advantages that its use can bring to the work study and industrial organization.
  • Train attendees for the correct application of the MTM-SAM system.

All MTM courses are taught by Official Instructors and the exams are also official, granting an official title endorsed by the IMD-EWD (International Motion Time Measurement Development - Ethical Work Design), whose Technical Coordinator is our CEO David Calvo.

The training material of the courses is provided in digital format or can be sent -on paper- in advance if requested.

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