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MTM Predetermined times

The MTM-Practitioner course provides participants with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to apply MTM data block systems to plan, design, and optimize business processes and work systems.

Once the exams in MTM-1 Base and one of the following courses have been successfully completed: MTM-1, MTM-HWD, MTM-SD, MTM2, MTM-UAS, MTM-Logistics, MTM-MEK, or any recognized enterprise data block systems, and after gaining application experience in the corresponding modular process system and successfully completing the MTM-Practitioner course, the candidate will receive the "Blue Card".

The "Blue Card" (MTM) is proof that the holder possesses ready-to-use knowledge of the MTM method and the ability to apply it in the design of suitable work processes. The "Blue Card" demonstrates the practical skills of the candidate in correctly applying the MTM method and lists all the MTM data block systems for which the holder has obtained a certificate.

The "Blue Card" (MTM) is valid for three years.

Objectives of the MTM-Practitioner Course

By completing each MTM-Practitioner training, participants will:

  • Understand the individual phases of the PEP (Product Engineering Process) and the holistic design approach inherent in MTM.
  • Learn essential methods and tools that can be applied in designing and optimizing individual phases of the PEP.
  • Gain knowledge of the fundamentals of work design.

And will be able to use the MTM method in practice, particularly for:

  • Planning new processes and work systems.
  • Improving existing work systems.
  • Selecting and evaluating design solutions based on ergonomic and economic criteria.


To be admitted to an MTM-Practitioner course, candidates must have passed the exams in MTM-1 Base and one of the following systems: MTM-1, MTM-HWD, MTM-2, MTM-SD, MTM-UAS, MTM-Logistics, MTM-MEK, EAWS, or any enterprise data block systems recognized by One-MTM.

In addition, candidates must have practical experience in applying the respective MTM data block systems. This practical experience can be gained by applying MTM in the company, independently creating MTM analyses for the description and evaluation of work processes, identifying analysis errors or deviations in individual workers' methods compared to the defined work method, or identifying potential for improvement.


MTM-Practitioner courses conclude with the presentation of project results and an examination. In exceptional cases, the Examination Board may request an additional oral examination.

MTM courses, whether conducted in-person or via webinars, can only be taught by instructors authorized by One-MTM.

At Itemsa all MTM courses are conducted with official instructors and examinations, and an official certification is issued through One-MTM.

For those who wish to renew the official MTM qualification previously obtained and which has expired. Before taking the exam it is recommended to do a practical session in the technique willing to be renewed.

The training material of the courses is provided in digital format or can be sent -on paper- in advance if requested.

Course taught by:

Albert Calvo
Albert Calvo
Technical Director at ITEMSA

More than 25 years leading and participating in consultancy projects and trainings.

David Calvo
David Calvo
General Manager at ITEMSA and CEO at APPRODUCTIVITY4.0

More than 30 years leading and participating in consultancy projects, trainings and development of computer applications (APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0).

Julián Caballero
Julián Caballero
Project Director at ITEMSA

More than 20 years leading and participating in consultancy projects and trainings.

 Rafael Padilla
Rafael Padilla
Project Director at ITEMSA

More than 20 years leading and participating in consultancy projects and trainings.

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