Training areas

How to manage the integral logistics chain, from the materials to the delivery of the finished product to the client; how to determine the ideal composition and the optimal flow of the stocks; how to guide, manage and effectively control the logistics of purchases and supplies or how to adapt to changing demands to flexibility and customer service.

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Stocks Planning and Management

How to determine the ideal composition and optimum materials stock flow, according to the foreseen needs for each logistic chain station or link and with the flow cadence that materials must follow to arrive to the Customer (lead time).

Duration: 24 Hours

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Logistics improvement through Stocks Management

How to establish the most appropriate management systems to reduce internal and external stocks:
  • Decision about strategic concepts (purchasing/buying or manufacturing internally?)
  • Supply planning. Containers’ standardization. Minimum batch size.
  • Sequence for the supply of pre-set batches.
  • Production system criteria
  • Consumption criteria
  • Layout optimization(product oriented)
  • Other activities to reduce stock needs.
Duration: 40 Hours
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“Just In Time” (JIT)

How to adapt your Company to the Customer’s flexibility and service changing requirements:
  • Reducing stocks and transformation costs.
  • Ensuring quality.
  • Shortening the delivery time by using the Just In Time philosophy and implementing management and motivation techniques of this advanced operative system.
Duration: 20 Hours
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Operations Management

How to approach and develop the management of new logistic projects, in an operating environment, based on continuous updated knowledge of new business perspectives and Sector methodological trends (regarding transport, warehousing, manufacture, handling and materials and information flows) in order to allow the Company to adopt the most convenient strategic position.

Duration: 20 Hours

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Warehouse Organization and Management

How to optimize, with minimum cost, the organization and logistics management of Warehouses to efficiently satisfy the Company’s (internal and external) Customers service requirements.

Duration: 16 Hours