Human Resources and Ethical Productivity courses & trainings

Build the best working atmosphere

Itemsa can collaborate with its Customers in the articulation of an integrated Human Resources Strategic Management system, based on a its own vision, values, attitudes and behaviours, management and leadership style participating in the design, negotiation and implementation of aspects related to the organisation of work, professional classification and job evaluation, as well as variable remuneration and incentive systems, either in the context of the negotiation of a Collective Agreement, a Company Agreement or as part of a strategic decision. Always with the aim of improving competitiveness (in terms of productivity, quality assurance, meeting delivery deadlines and improving safety and ergonomics), based on ethics, and improving and maintaining a good working environment in the company.

At Itemsa we advocate for people-centred organisations and therefore it is essential to maintain the best possible working environment while trying to maximise the potential of each and every one of the employees. In order to achieve this, it is essential to keep the knowledge of the competencies and skills necessary to carry out each of the tasks and jobs up to date, which will have an impact on improving personal and organisational results.

Workforce management is a constant challenge for companies and a correct strategic management of human resources is essential in today's changing environment. That is why we offer courses that provide those responsible for this area with the knowledge and tools necessary to respond quickly, efficiently and flexibly to the challenges that arise in individual and collective relations within companies.

Among many others, HR managers require extensive knowledge in leadership, motivation or remuneration policy, and at Itemsa we offer specialised training in these areas.

Besides having an adequate and balanced salary structure, based on Job Evaluation, variable remuneration and how to create bonus and incentive systems based on productivity and quality is another key aspect in many companies. For this reason, in addition to being able to offer our clients HR consultancy services and a tool that enables automatic calculation of KPIs and incentives thanks to Competitiveness KPIs and Incentives Manager, a module of our APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 software, we train the company's human resources staff to analyse, describe and evaluate jobs, as well as to design and manage variable remuneration systems.

For this reason, we offer specialised courses in different training areas and below we present the courses to train those attending in the area of Human Resources and Workforce Management:

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Training in Job Description and Job Evaluation (JE)

The course is about how to describe and evaluate jobs by means of a functional analytical job evaluation system (assigning points by factor), such as the one developed by the Technical Commission of Work Organisation of the Labour Court of Catalonia (TLC). Duration: 8 hours
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Variable salary

How to design and manage a salary system that, having into account the economic situation of the Company and the salary market requirements, efficiently contributes to the maintenance of a high potential staff, adequately motivated and not willing to leave the Company. In order to do that, the salary system structure must answer to the previous analysis of the importance and relative harmony of the occupations (assessment and ranking of the jobs), to the result of the periodical individual assessments, and to the appraisal of the response capability of the employees regarding any future necessities for a change in the Organization. Duration: 12 Hours
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Human Resources Strategies and Policies

How to organize an integrated Human Resources Strategic Management system, based on a new business culture (vision, values, attitudes and behaviours, management and leadership style, etc) to implement more positive and effective personnel policies (regarding employment and training, work organization and salary, health and safety at work, information, communication and participation, labour relations, etc) to give a quick and flexible answer to the challenge of future changes in the next years regarding individual and collective labour relations.

Duration: 24 Hours

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Collective agreement negotiation

How to prepare and negotiate a Collective Agreement or a Company Pact, that responds to the Company real needs regarding Human Resources competitiveness, flexibility and productivity (professional classification, mobility and polyvalence; work organization; working day distribution; variable and flexible salary, etc) only conditioned by the Company’s economic and market situation and the respect for labour laws, the employees acquired rights or non-renegotiable benefits, avoiding unnecessary labour disputes. Duration: 24 Hours