Ergonomics and Occupational Health and Safety

Training Areas

Courses to sensitise and involve specialists in the safe handling of machines and manufacturing and assembly facilities and in maintenance operations. And in the need to systematically and efficiently implement and manage an adequate prevention policy.

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Machinery safety

How to raise awareness and involve Industrialization and Maintenance Engineering Technicians and Production Line Supervisors in the safe use of machines and manufacture and assembly facilities and in their maintenance operations, as well as in the need to comply with the current health and safety rules.

Duration: 12 Hours

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Excellence in Health and Safety at Work Management (OHSAS System)

How to involve the Responsible and Technicians of Prevention, Quality and Environment Areas and the whole line of command in the need to implement and manage, systematically and efficiently, an appropriate health and safety policy, based on the knowledge and rigorous respect of the health and safety rules, avoiding unnecessary costs and losses caused by accidents at work and subsequent absenteeism.

Duration: 21 Hours