ItemsaSoft PROCESOS®

The most effective software solution for the integral processes management of your Company

ITEMSA offers this software to Companies (industrial Companies, especially) in order to optimize and standardize the procedures used in Industrialization Engineering and in Offices of Methods-Times Measurement, to make the production significantly more flexible.

  • If your Company does not have a uniform processes standardization, methods-time measurement system
  • If your technicians do not work with standardized methodologies, with identical style.
  • If your technicians have to design workshop documentation forms (Standard Operation Sheets, determination of the operational methods and of correct required times, review or adjustment requests of methods-time-measurement, handling of claims, individual work bulletins, etc).
  • If your technicians are swamped with paperwork in their relationship with Engineering areas (product range, manufacturing, processes, etc..) and with the Production Departments (preparation and handling of workshop  documentation, handling of review or adjustment requests related to methods-time measurement, etc), Administration (determination of production standards for the calculation and control of industrial costs), Sales (devising of cost structure), Personnel (incentives system management, handling of claims of the employees and their representatives, etc..) and Data Process (collection, recording and processing of workshops information).
  • If machine preparations and changes of model are frequent, long and costly.
  • If there is a great deal of workload balancing to be prepared and managed in the manufacturing cells or assembly lines.
  • If it is often necessary to assign estimated times with some accuracy or have good time tables, due to the similarity of references within a product family or to the few variations that the corresponding work process and methods present within this product family.
  • If your technicians cannot be exclusively (or at least in a considerable part of their time) dedicated to the specific tasks of standardization of processes, methods and times, implementations and production continuous improvement.
  • If your technical office does not have a rigorous system to control the evolution of processes, methods, times, resources associated and documentation.

… Your Company needs our product ItemsaSoft PROCESOS®.

Since November 2019, ItemsaSoft has been integrated into APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0, an evolution of our software to offer even more functionalities to our clients. You can find it out here.