We multiply the capacity thanks to the improvement of productivity

Case Study of an spanish company world leader in the fashion industry and ITEMSA

prductivity packing fashion industry

Productivity improvement project in the packing of products in the textile sector

Case Study

Packing work productivity is improved over 20%, production capacity is increased by 30% and optimized operative methods and an agile systematic determination of production requirements are available.


Initial situation

Need to have the design of the workstations and optimal and standard working methods, worldwide, as well as their standard times and corresponding production requirements.


Intervention general plan

  • Analyze and improve the working methods of the Packing process and the design of the workstations.
  • Have correct execution times by creating predetermined time tables.


  • Analysis and improvement of the Packing processes and work methods.
  • Quantification of the potential savings and the possible increase in capacity, in regard to the starting situation.
  • Discussion, selection and prioritization of improvement proposals (to be carried out together with the Client).
  • Design of the new packing stations, procedures and operative methods.
  • Support for the implementation of new packing stations, procedures and operating methods.
  • Determination of the corresponding correct execution times, using internationally accepted techniques for the observation, analysis and measurement of work ("video", timing, MTM, etc.) and guaranteeing the technical goodness of the actions and results.
  • Establishment of predetermined times tables based on the approved improvements.


Improve productivity by a minimum of 15%, with a target profitability of one month, and increase the capacity of the Packing tables.



  • Availability of optimized operating methods for Packing tasks.
  • Alternative operating methods, as optimal as possible, for periods of high demand.


Improvement of the productivity


Increase of the production capacity of