We improved productivity by more than 20% compared to the initial times and a tight flow assembly process.

Case Study Ros Roca and ITEMSA

ros roca e itemsa

Project for the improvement of productivity thanks to the new plant layout and balancing of workloads and Methods-Time.

Case Study

A product for RCVs that was manufactured at the Group's Dennis Eagle plant in the UK (the boilermaking process of the “Olympus” model in all its versions) was incorporated into the in Tàrrega factory. The process is being carried out in continuous flow.


Initial situation

Necessity to transfer the production of this product to the plant in Tàrrega, taking advantage of the fact that the whole boilermaking process would be carried out in tight flow (with all processes sequenced), whereas work was done "by batches" at the DE plant, with a total time of 62 hours/unit.


Intervention general plan

  • Observe, record and analyse an entire cycle of the Olympus model (process, methods, sketches, etc.) in the UK.
  • Propose a new layout and process for the space available in the plant in Tàrrega.
  • Assist in the implementation of the new layout as well as the processes, methods, balancing and resulting times.


  • Analysis of the processes and operating methods of DE in the UK.
  • Design of the most suitable layout for the plant in Tàrrega and the rest of the identified improvements.
  • Quantification of the resulting times and the savings that can be obtained compared to the situation at the DE plant.
  • Presentation of the new layout, process and balancing, as well as the proposed improvements.
  • Support during the implementation of the planned process (ensuring the process, layout, means, balancing, methods and times).
  • Once implemented in Tàrrega, analysis of the processes and operating methods, for their final definition.


Optimized integration into the plant in Tàrrega of the boilermaking process of the Olympus model that was being manufactured in the Dennis Eagle plant in the UK.



  • New plant distribution and balancing of workloads, methods and times, allowing the production of all the boilermaking processes of the Olympus model in tight flow.


Productivity gains compared to the initial times.