Improvement of productivity and design of a system for calculating the necessary human workforce based on workload

Case Study NISSAN and ITEMSA

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Improvement of productivity and calculation of workforce based on workloads.

Case Study

To improve the productivity of all the Warehouses is achieved, between 15 and 30% of saving, and to size the necessary templates at all times, in addition to participating in the effective implementation of the studies carried out.


Initial situation

Need to ensure an adequate level of productivity (efficiency of facilities and labor performance), due to the fact that it has an important endowment of technological tools which investment must be quickly returned.


Intervention general plan

  • Analyze and improve the organization and processes of the affected dependencies.
  • Determine the operational methods of the tasks and their corresponding correct execution times, using internationally accepted techniques for the observation, analysis and measurement of the work ("video", timing, MTM, etc.) and guaranteeing both the technical goodness of actions and results such as the compliance with reporting duties to the Workers' Representation (unions).


  • Optimization of the Warehouse layout.
  • Redistribution of items locations.
  • Proposal and implementation of organizational, tools (low cost and quick return) and working methods improvements.
  • Preparation of instruction sheets (SOP's).
  • Determination of the required workloads.
  • Teaching of Methods and Times training to middle managers and workers' representatives.


Improve the overall productivity by more than 10%



  • Determination of the necessary workforce per position, based on the daily work volume (highly variable).


Improvement of the productivity of all its Warehouses (Reception, Expedition and Intermediates)