We reduce the necessary time to put a clothing for sale online and the delivery time to the final customer

Case Study of an spanish company world leader in the fashion industry and ITEMSA

Empresa española líder mundial del sector de la moda e ITEMSA

Improvement of productivity and logistics flows to reduce time for sale and delivery

Case Study

An increase in productivity of 10% is obtained, there are optimized and globalized operating methods for all logistics tasks and a workforce sizing tool necessary for each situation and seasonality that may arise.


Initial situation

Need to be able to size and organize efficiently the workforce, depending on the volumes and conjunctural work mixes, based on having worldwide optimal and standard working methods as well as their standard times and corresponding production requirements.


Intervention general plan

Establish the working methods of the entire logistics and warehousing processes.

Design of Predetermined Time Tables that allow dimensioning and optimizing the use of human resources of the different logistics centres.



  • Definition of the design of the Workstations, procedures and operating methods.
  • Determination of the corresponding correct execution times, using internationally accepted techniques for the observation, analysis and measurement of work ("video", timing, MTM, etc.) and guaranteeing the technical goodness of the actions and results.
  • Design of Predetermined Time Tables, based on the approved improvements.
  • Training and support for Customer Managers in the use of predetermined Time Tables for the optimal sizing and organization of workforce, depending on the volumes and work mixes of each moment.


Have Predetermined Time Tables, based on defined operative methods, for all logistics tasks, which provide an improvement in productivity of the order of 10%



  • Availability of operating methods for all the tasks of the Logistics Centers located in various countries.
  • Trained personnel to properly size and organize the necessary human resources.
  • Reduction of the lead time to offer the product in virtual store.
  • Reduction of delivery time to the final customer.


Improvement of the productivity in the order of the