We improved productivity by 25% thanks to the implementation of a new layout

Case Study LEDS C4 & ITEMSA

prductivity packing fashion industry

Project to improve the productivity of the main production phases.

Case Study

The productivity of the main production phases (workshop, assembly, testing and packaging) of the most typical references is improved by 25%, the layout of the entire plant (production and warehouse) is designed, and predetermined time tables are established to evaluate any product, without the need for new time studies.


Initial situation

Need to improve the productivity of the Torà Plant, by reducing the time wasted and inefficiencies, in order to be able to handle the important production increases expected in several consecutive years. This improvement has to include the design of a new layout that allows for the optimization of the productive and logistical flows, as well as to work in order to achieve a continuous flow (until now, departments and workstations were working in an uncoordinated way).


Intervention general plan

  • Reduction of operating costs.
  • Resizing of the productive and logistic areas of the plant (new layout), to unify and simplify the productive and logistical flows.
  • Normalization and standardization of processes and establishment of standard times, which allow to plan and control more efficiently.
  • To train the key groups of the company in productivity improvement and work organization techniques.
  • To increase the level of versatility of the operations personnel.


  • Observation and general description of production and logistical processes, flows and variables.
  • Analysis and improvement of production flows, processes and work methods.
  • Quantification of the savings obtained, compared to the initial situation.
  • Discussion, selection and prioritization of the improvement proposals to be implemented (to be carried out jointly with the client).
  • Design of the new plant layout, procedures and operating methods.
  • Providing support for the implementation of new workstations, procedures and operating methods (including the incorporation of lines with integrated and synchronized assembly, verification and packaging).
  • Determination of the pertinent correct execution times, using internationally accepted techniques for the observation, analysis and measurement of work ("video", timekeeping, MTM, etc.) and guaranteeing the technical quality of the actions and results.
  • Establishment of predetermined time tables, according to the approved improvements.


To establish a new layout, production and logistic flows, optimized work methods and a predetermined time table that will improve productivity by at least 15%.



  • Implementation of a new layout that allows working with continuous flow and absorbing the expected production volume increases in an efficient way.
  • Availability of optimized operating methods, especially for assembly, verification and packaging tasks.


Improved productivity by