We improved productivity by 23% through a unified design of the workstations.

Case Study BJC Fábrica Electrotécnica Josa & ITEMSA

BJC Fábrica Electrotécnica Josa mejora productividad

Project to improve productivity through a unified design of outsourced workplaces

Case Study

The workstations and operating methods are designed for manual assemblies to be carried out by suppliers, improving the productivity of these assemblies by 23% compared to the initial situation.


Initial situation

Need to unify and optimize procedures, methods, times and SOS (Standard Operating Sheet) pertaining to certain assemblies to be outsourced.


Intervention general plan

  • Analysis and improvement of the working methods of the assemblies under study.
  • Establishment of correct work times through timekeeping.


  • Video filming of the assemblies under study.
  • Methods-time-studies, by means of timekeeping.
  • Determination of the corresponding correct working times.
  • Proposal of improvements (means, layout, method, etc.).
  • Quantification of the potential for productivity improvements that can be achieved.
  • Definition of a new and more complete design of the SOS (Standard Operating Sheet).


Improvement of the productivity of the assemblies under study and standardization of the documentation by 20%.



  • Standardized design of work stations.
  • Definition of the SOS (Standard Operation Sheet) format, which allows the standardization of work methods.


Productivity improved by