Alstom Transporte e ITEMSA


“It’s been more than three years now since we undertook a cultural change in the production environment and the production support departments in our plant in Barcelona, with the aim of reorienting the Industrial Organization. It has been very difficult –and still is, to orientate human teams to the processes continuous improvement, productivity standardization improvement –especially, when you have followed a tendency where everybody thought that what was being made up until now was the best thing you could do.

We had some ideas to initiate changes, but we had serious doubts on how, where and what to do first. We had the chance to find ITEMSA and explain our doubts, our ideas, our fears. In hindsight, through their collaboration, we have come a long way, we have reached improvements and acquired learning.

The high level of expertise in Industrial Organization of ITEMSA and, above all, the human quality of their team, helped us consolidate stages. There were never excuses to our questions; on the contrary, we were always offered an alternative and an opportunity, complemented with very good measurement and production management tools.

The training plan devised by ITEMSA has enabled us to consolidate a team of Technicians that is currently supporting new actions. Congratulations! We hope we continue to work together.”

José Domínguez Sabador Work Analysis and Manufacturing Control Alstom Transporte, S.A. Barcelona