Everything in perfect order

ITEMSA solutions are intended to eliminate or reduce the costs of internal and external storage, procurement, maintenance and transportation of stocks (in-course, intermediate and final). We can also help you in the planning and control of the production and distribution process workflows through the application of the most appropriate techniques.

ITEMSA offers its customers practical and efficient solutions for the organization of production flows of each product, helping them improve the running of all functions and activities related to the materials and services supply. 

We can efficiently help them improve the following aspects:

  • Reception of materials, components and products.
  • Classification and storage.
  • Handling (materials movement).
  • Training and stocks management (reduction of levels, etc.)
  • Internal transportation and distribution.
  • Studies of integral logistics.
  • Optimization of manufacturing, warehousing and shipping flows.
  • Warehouse design.
  • Implementation of identification systems.
  • Information system improvement plans.
  • Pick&pack organization.
  • Selection of maintenance equipment.
  • Warehouses moves.
  • Assessment of the logistics outsourcing process.