Industrial Strategy and Organization

A plan for each moment

ITEMSA can help its Customers devise the most suitable policy and plan to achieve the general, key objectives of their company, identifying which of those objectives must be fulfilled in the short, medium and long term, as well as the action lines necessary to achieve them.

The analysis and improvement of the practical organization of work at workshops performed by ITEMSA is aimed at achieving –partially or totally, depending on the desired intervention-, the following objectives:

  • Optimize the disposal and use of space (to eliminate unnecessary movements).
  • Organization of production flows of each product (flow analysis and internal processes synchronization; procurement synchronization, production and delivery, etc.)
  • Adjust the process of materials movement (in order to reduce times and effort).
  • Adapt the management of production planning and control (in order to eliminate non-productive times).
  • Update methods and times of work execution, machine preparation and change of model (in order to reduce the work content derived from non-efficient methods).
  • Improve stocks planning and control (to operate with more suitable and economic stock levels).
  • Ensure the preventative maintenance of machines, facilities and equipment.
  • Have a customized control system for the global efficiency of machinery and facilities, staff performance, and productivity indicators (levels of availability, utilization, etc.).
  • Optimize the production staff management.
  • Think and act in accordance with Lean Manufacturing philosophy.
  • Improve the operational quality management.