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-  Office for Methods Time Measurement

Is this Office responsible for the industrialization of products and/or for the productive processes management?

Does the Office have a uniform system for processes and methods-time measurement standardization? Do all the Office Technicians work with standardized methodologies, that is, with identical ‘style’?

Must the Technicians create workshop documentation forms (Standard Operation Sheets, determination of the operational methods and of correct required times, review or adjustment requests of methods-time measurement, handling of claims, individual work bulletins, etc.)?

Are they overwhelmed by bureaucratic paperwork in their relationship with the Engineering areas (product range, industrialization, processes, etc.) and with the Production Departments (preparation and handling of workshop documentation, handling of review or adjustment requests related to methods-time measurement, etc.), Administration  (determination of production standards for the calculation and control of industrial costs), Sales (devising of cost structure), Personnel (incentives system management, handling of claims from employees and their representatives, etc.) and Data Process (collecting, recording and handling of workshop information)?

Are changes of model/series and/or machine preparation frequent, long and costly?

Does the Office have to prepare and manage a great deal of workload balancing in the manufacturing cells and/or in the assembly lines?

Is it often necessary to estimate times with some accuracy or have good time tables, due to the similarity of references within a product family or to the few variations that the corresponding work process and methods present within this product family?

Are the Technicians of this Office exclusively (or at least in a considerable part of their time) dedicated to the specific tasks of standardization of processes, methods and times, implementations and production continuous improvement?

Does the Office have a rigorous system to control the updating evolution of processes, methods, times, resources associated and documentation?

- Office for Production Scheduling and Control

Does the Office permanently have updated information –required for the correct development of their duties- on the different manufacturing processes, required resources –in terms of personnel and materials-, work methods and time standards (for preparation and production)?

Does the Office have difficulties in collecting and circulating the different elements of the manufacturing records (work orders, methods-time measurement standards, materials exit notes, monitoring cards, etc.), regularly compare the production programmes forecast with the actual outputs and know, at any time, the effective level of execution of each work order?

- Production Workshops

Do Workshop Managers and/or Officers regularly have the necessary work documentation at their disposal: manufacturing programmes, load charts, manufacturing records (detailed relation of the launching; monitoring card; layouts, product nomenclatures and ranges; description of the operational methods and times standards for their preparation and of execution, in order to train the workers and to discuss with them or with the employees’ representatives, in case of any doubts or claims; materials exit notes; work communications; control communications; termination advice, etc.), staff/production capacity charts, job position cards expressing the rules to comply with in terms of quality, performance and security, etc.?

Does the senior staff work with the Methods Office in the definition and improvement of work methods of their respective workshops and in the assessment of their production potential?

- Personnel Administration Department

Do the Personnel Administration Department work with sufficiently objective information and documentation (job positions and their appraisal or retribution level, detail of the operations performed in these job positions, corresponding operational methods, and correct required time standards for their execution –both for preparation and production-, quality, security and performance rules, etc.) that allow to correctly and timely calculate the employees’ production salaries and bonuses?

Possible causes for inefficiencies related to productivity

  - Do you have any problem with…?

  • Poor cleanliness and inadequate organization of work areas (5 S’s).
  • Defective design or frequent changes in it.
  • Losses and rejection of materials and components.
  • Inappropriate quality rules.
  • Inadequate layout or use of space.
  • Inadequate materials handling (internal procurement and transportation).
  • Machine preparation and changes of model (excessively long or frequent; SMED).
  • Incorrect or insecure methods.
  • Inappropriate workload balancing.
  • Inefficient purchasing planning and warehouse management.
  • Breakdown of machinery, equipment and facilities (preventive and corrective maintenance).
  • Personnel absenteeism and lateness.
  • Defects in work execution (insufficient training of workers).
  • Risk of accidents and work diseases.
  • Inefficient control of performances and efficiencies.
  • Inexistent or inappropriate incentives system (lack of economic motivation).