International Presence

We accompany you wherever you are

From its very beginnings, ITEMSA has been connected to the industry world and to the demanding productivity projects of companies. We are delighted to accompany our customers wherever we are needed.

From its origins, ITEMSA has been connected to the industry and services world and to the most demanding projects for productivity improvement. Our Chairman and Founding Member, José Calvo, started his career with NISSAN, in Japan, during the eighties. And we have followed this path during three decades because we believe that our mission is to accompany our customers wherever our collaboration is needed. This is an essential pillar of ITEMSA’s philosophy: doing things together.

We are growing with the international vocation of our customers and so we follow them wherever they need us.

We have presence in France, Germany, Italy and Portugal. 

We are ready to face new challenges in any place of the world. Asia, a continent which we are permanently in contact with, the north of Africa and Latin America, spaces in development, are some of the places where we are undertaking new projects.

Likewise, the work of ITEMSA’s Managing Director David Calvo as a member of the international group in charge of the technical coordination of the IMD (International MTM Directorate) is a good example of this international vocation.

(The IMD was formed in Paris on 25 June, 1957, as a federation of national MTM associations.  It is a non-profit organization, sponsored and supported by companies, large corporations, governmental agencies, consulting companies, universities and individuals around the world. Its general objective and that of the national MTM associations is the development, circulation and use of expertise about men and women at work, with the aim of improving their productivity, their satisfaction and their conditions, through research, training and other fields of direct application).